3M Combat Arms 4.1 Hear-Through Ear Plugs - M


The Combat Arms 4.1 Earplug provides dual mode hearing protection. 

  • Type: Semi-Active
  • Noise Dampening Level:
  • - Closed SNR mode = 28 dB,
  • - Open SNR mode = 16 dB.
  • Weight: 20 g
  • Color: Tan
  • Manufacturer: 3M™ Peltor™
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3M™ Combat Arms™ 4.1 Hear-Through Ear Plugs


3M Hearing Protection Solutions is pleased to announce the introduction of the 3MTMCombat ArmsTM 4.1 earplug. Designed to help protect against impulse noises such as gunfire, the 3M Combat Arms 4.1 earplug also helps maintain situational awareness and offers versatile protection against continuous noises. The product works in two distinctive modes: Open Mode and Closed Mode.

In the Open Mode, a patented, non-linear acoustic filter allows lower-level sounds to pass without minimal interruption, but high-level impulse noises are instantly restricted. This feature allows the wearer to hear nearly normally for good situational awareness until a loud impulse noise occurs. The more intense the impulse, the more it is limited.

In the closed mode, a constant level of hearing protection helps provide protection against steady-state, continuous noises as well as impulse noises.

Since the earplug is non-electronic, there are no batteries to replace or electronics that could fail.

The earplug also features a patented rocker switch which makes it easy to change between the open and closed mode even while wearing gloves. A patented soft, flexible retainer helps the earplug stay in the ear during rigorous activity, to help protect hearing even in the most intense situations.

"The 3M Combat Arms 4.1 earplug represents a big step forward in protecting hearing in high impulse noise environments while still allowing and maintaining situational awareness," AJ Smyth, Global Product Marketing Manager, explains. "Protecting hearing in impulse noise environments is challenging because many times users need to also hear important instructions. Combat Arms 4.1 helps let users do both. Since there are no electronics, it's extremely durable to better hold up in tough environments."



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